Take Control of
Your Technology

Offering one on one technology coaching in Lakeway and the surrounding areas.

What We Do

One on One tutoring to help you better understand and utilize technology to meet your goals, including but not limited to: smartphones, tablets, computers, software, applications, streaming services and smart devices. 

Technology Coaching

Coaching on various topics including how to use your device, social media, the “cloud”, streaming services, research tools and online software to make your life easier.  

Specialty Services

Training and guidance on technology tools for small businesses, including social media marketing, customer relationship management and  productivity applications. 

Questions & Answers

Click here to learn more about how a private tech coaching session works. You’ll also find answers to your questions about booking, locations, costs and more!

Need advice?

Lakeway Tech Coach provides personalized, friendly, patient, one-on-one technology coaching at a reasonable price.

My Mission

Our mission is to empower you to comfortably connect and engage through technology with those who matter most, whether it be loved ones, friends, clients or prospects. Our approach to coaching is simple: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” The goal is not to simply fix an issue, but rather to empower you to better understand and use the technology you possess. 


“ What a lifesaver! Laura has helped me with both business and personal activities. Her intelligence and technical knowledge is second to none. She is diligent, thorough, detailed and organized. Her method of communication is clear and easy to understand. ”

John Siemering, President of John Siemering Homes

Our story

Laura Suelberg grew up with computers and was always passionate about learning new technologies. After 10 years in a fast-paced IT career working for big businesses, she started contemplating how she could use her technological skills to make a difference. The idea of Lakeway Tech Coach was developed with the mission to help individuals and small firms understand the technology they already have at their fingertips and stay connected with friends, family and clients.

Laura has a Bachelor of Science and MBA degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology. She has successfully managed technical IT teams for large multinational corporations. Laura has significant professional experience training both simple and complex technology concepts to employees, clients, friends and family. 

Let us help you take control of
your technology!